WSL CT5000 NOOSA but “that’s not the point”
The first event in a proposed (but not locked in) 4 contest world tour was held at Noosa Heads in Qld.

Surfers from all over the world gathered here at the famous Noosa Point. Many had seen and some had even experienced the Swell from Cyclone Oma. The points were indeed firing and living up to the legendary surf reserve status they have just been given.

Unfortunately this great swell event arrived 1 week too early…. (heavy sigh)

So that is where the festival landed in the shadow of a dying swell with the beach break at access 11 the logical option.

Professional surfers are adaptable and can surf a wide range of conditions from the low tide closeouts to the peeling beach breaks at high tide. It is sad when the world class surfers are not presented with the world class waves Noosa is so famous for…. But so be it no-one can control the waves and weather. Wind and swell are not ruled by any man or woman.

The surfers produced an exceptional display of talent given the variable conditions and at times flooding rain squalls. It was worth noting the amount of goofy footers who progressed given that many lefts were ridden this was not entirely surprising. 3 out of 4 finalists were intact surfers of the right foot forward brigade. It would also appear that age was indeed no barrier to success. Joel is over 4o and the two young Hawaiian whahinies are just teens 15 and 14 infact. Sophia and Kevin featured in their first WSL Longboard CT level finals. It was a breakthrough new school kind of groove with a resurgent Joel Tudor in the mix also….

There were so many highlights Declan Whyton, Emily Lethbridge and Tilly White flew the Australian flag highest. Isa had some very strong showings with two amazing goofy nose riding talents going wave for wave in the mens final with Joel triumphant over Kevin 12.86 to 12.77…. .09 is indeed a close finish.

Augusto Olinto from Brazil was keeping everyone guessing with his endless bag of nose riding tricks he switched stance and contorted his body all whilst on the nose of his longboard.

However it was the Hawaiian flag that flew highest with the two beautiful surfers from Queens reef Honolulu Sophia and Kelis who outshone and out danced the rest. Masterful, graceful and fierce...

Noosa is always a fun event close to home for me and I love to show visiting friends where I live. The surfing was amazing the weather was well …. tropical and the event was at the back up location so not an epic iconic outcome but an amazing event none the less.

I will continue to serve as WSL Longboard chaplain if funding permits. The schedule of CT 5000 events for the rest of the year is yet to be determined with Long Beach long Island set down for September (others are in the pipeline apparently).

There are a range of Longboard QS1000 events also with the Whalebone in Perth the only Australian based one.

Thanks for reading my ramblings and sharing the journey.

Blessings and Love
Andy C #theaquapanda

Finals day