We are a gathering of people online working out how to authentically follow Jesus and his teachings. We are a community of follower not a church of adherents
Here each week a study is posted to discuss and ruminate over.
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  • People not Buildings
  • Relationship not Religion and Rituals
  • Trust not Tradition
  • Love not Legalism
  • Grace not Judgement


To a young leader about the two chief responsibilities.

1 Timothy

Paul writes to his young apprentice Timothy.


Written approx. 80-90 ad. the last of the Gospels


500yrs before Christ and during exile in Babylon.

1 Peter

May grace and peace be multiplied to you.


Gods great love for his wayward people.


Living ‘in Christ’ in a world of multiple beliefs.


Look beyond the fish. What was he scared of


Ruth is all about God’s providence and care in our ordinary lives.


The Law Vs Grace // Religion vs Faith // Trusting in self vs Trusting in God.


A letter that spells out in detail the message about Christ.

The 5 Solas

{Sola meaning only or alone} By these 5 things alone. Great truths for life.

Topical studies

Life issues and discussions food for thought.


Gods self disclosure through Christs’ I Am statements.

Myth and Legend.

Tales of old contain truths for today and thoughts for tomorrow.

Spiritual Gifts.

Everyone asks whats’s my gift and how can I use it.


Building the wall;  the people, the faith and the soul.

Grains of SALT.

Spiritual articles written for the local newspaper.


Sermon on the mount, Jesus’s plan for Counter Culture.