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Nehemiah 9           A Big Picture of God

5b Stand up and bless the LORD your God from everlasting to everlasting.

It’s often hard to play the long game when the things in the immediate keep rushing in to steal your focus. Let me explain it this way. In a surfing contest you really need to surf wave by wave heat by heat. However you also need to know where you are placed and where your strengths and weaknesses lay event by event and year by year. eve bey wave heat by heat is the immediate the now the short game. event by event season by season and year by year well that’s the long game the big picture. You see you need to have a sense of you place in both of this propositions. this gives you the big picture of things and yourself otherwise you get stuck in the minutia of it all and you loose forward movement.

Here the people are confronted with the immediate their lacking and failings their (sin)

It is easy to be crushed and lost in this immediate the overwhelming feeling of having blown it and being inadequate in so many ways. However this isn’t the reality to bring into view here its the long game … God is always planning for the long game. He is everlasting eternal gracious and patient.

After being confronted with their sin at the first public reading of the word in more than 3 generations (8:9). The people of Jerusalem and surrounds gather again. The occasion is Yom Kippor the day of Atonement, they stand before ‘the Lord their God’, and confess their sins.

They do 2 immensely important things here:

CONFESSION… They confess who they are; in the light of Gods goodness, mercy and love; they realise and confess their own failings. They are faithless fickle and idolatrous.

ADORATION… They remember who God is; realigning their vision of God. God who is from everlasting to everlasting. They remember his character, nature and attributes.

They recognise correctly that GOD is the great I AM and that they are the great I am not’s.

This is a realignment of their vision and orientation. I know all too well that its easy to just run away with your own importance and you end up usurping Gods throne…

This is why confession is important it’s not positive affirmation or a mantra of good speak it’s the cold hard honest truth of who we are and of how we’ve blown it. Confession is a sober look in the mirror.

Adoration is looking past ones self and up to God. its seeking and loving God just for who he is not for what her does form you.. God is not a celestial ATM vending out blessings and gifts. His is also a long view of our lives and his plans.

Consider what you owe to His immutability. Though you have changed a thousand times, He has not changed once. – Charles Spurgeon

“Happiness does not depend on outward circumstances, but on the state of the heart.” ― J.C. Ryle,

“There is a common, worldly kind of Christianity in this day, which many have, and think they have enough-a cheap Christianity which offends nobody, and requires no sacrifice-which costs nothing, and is worth nothing.” ― J.C. Ryle

“A true Christian is one who has not only peace of conscience, but war within. He may be known by his warfare as well as by his peace.” ― J.C. Ryle, Holiness

““Happiness does not depend on outward circumstances,
but on the state of the heart.”
― J.C. Ryle,”