SURF Chaplaincy Movement…

Pro surfers are just like everyone else with the same hopes and dreams, hurts and fears. Where their world differs from yours is the environment in which they ply their trade. They expend huge amounts of money to travel to various locations around the world. Where they will compete in a contest which determines what the return will be on the investment they have made of money, effort and years of training.

For the majority of competitors on the World Longboard Tour this comes at a large personal expense as sponsorship is very scarce in this sport. Many of these men and women work diligently at different jobs to earn enough to back themselves to do well at their chosen area of sporting excellence.

This also comes at a personal cost as enormous amounts of effort and energy are invested in the pursuit of one area of their lives (competitive surfing). Success can come at the expense of other areas of life. In the close knit environment of pro surfing it can be hard to find an independent, affirming voice. Someone who hasn’t got a vested interest in how well you surf.

This is where I in the role of chaplain assist the surfers.

In the pressure of competition where emotions and adrenaline run high I make myself a safe person for all surfers and staff. I am seen as independent, impartial and confidential. I Like Jesus am interested in the surfer as a whole person not just a competitor or champion. Not for what I can get but what I can give.

In my role as Chaplain I can be called upon to provide…

Pastoral support (at home and on tour)

Personal counselling

Referral services (eg financial help/budgeting, post injury recovery, drug/alcohol support, pregnancy support, emergency accommodation, problem gambling) to relevant government or church agencies

Hospital visits for sick and injured people

Officiating at weddings, funerals and memorial services

Baptisms in all Christian churches

Marriage counselling (individuals and couples)

Grief counselling

Bible study

Courses in discovering what it means to be a Christian