Beam me up

Travel is always exciting

new places, new people, new smells and tastes great and exciting new things to experience. However the getting there over multiple long hall flights with multiple stopovers and waiting around is not as exciting.

First world problems I know...

I'm heading off for 2 contests held over 3 weeks.

The first is in Pantin, Galacia Spain and the second is Long Beach, Long Island, New York. These two contests form part of the revitalised WSL Longboard Tour. these are 6* events and coupled with Noosa they form the contests that one must excel in to qualify for the World Longboard Title in Taiwan in Dec.

The best 2 out of 3 results will count towards that qualification so there's a lot at stake and there will be many hopeful and hungry long boarders all viewing for a bit of the action.

I will be posting images and articles to keep you all informed.

Until then and as I stare down 30+ hours of travel.

I long for the day I can just call Scotty and tell him to beam me up….