Born and raised in the sub tropical South East Queensland Coast. I was the product of an affair and an unwanted child, born inconvenient, illegitimate and premature by 2.5 months. I could fit in the palm of an adults hand and weighed 500grams.

I was adopted as a child into a wonderful family of beach lovers. My father first pushed me onto a wave when I was four years old. I struggled to my feet and rode the whitewash as far as I could. I believed I was the king of the world or at least the beach after that ride.  The riding of waves and all the joys associated with that has been a defining factor of my life ever since. I enjoyed a certain level of competitive success as a younger surfer on the Gold Coast. Growing up in and around Burleigh Heads gave me access to a world class wave and a front row seat to some of the best surfing on earth. I regularly watched PT, MP, Rabbit, Al Byrne and Guy Ormarod do things on waves I had only dreamt of.

I was a typical brash Goldie Grommet; with a foul mouth and a largish ego. Surfing was what defined me as well as fitting in with what others expected of me. I was the clown to my mates, the compliant son to my parents and a regular student at school. However in the fog of others expectations I was beginning to loose track of who I was.

I was loosing my way in life and trouble soon followed. Eventually after changes of school and environment, I landed in a place where I was becoming more open to change within myself.

I had never heard the name of Jesus except as a swear word. My family held no religious or church traditions. So Easter, Christmas and this Jesus guy was a bag  of mixed messages. There was this guy Jesus, he seemed to cop a raw deal and was killed for no reason. Then we get eggs from a bunny, which meant something about new life? I think he was the same dude who was a baby with the golden frisbee thing behind his head, he was born in a cow shed?

What I heard of Jesus differed greatly to what I thought I knew of him. I was drawn to his story and became fascinated with his life and his apparent message for me. I heard that he was in the business of adopting people into his heavenly family, I was very interested in this.            Eph 1: 4…. he chose us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and blameless before him. In love he predestined us for adoption through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will,

I became a follower of Jesus as a teenager and have been on the wild ride that is Christianity ever since.

I am married and have two adult children.

I have been involved in Christian Surfers since the early 80’s. Operating at every level / grommet / leader / founder / mission coordinator / area director / national Director / Asia / Pacific Director for Christian Surfer International.

In a role that combines my two passions surfing and the church; I am have been involved in planting a new skool church with old skool values. SALT Life Community formerly SALT Christian Church. I am convinced that church as we know it, is often full of the traditions and rituals that men build, but is not full of the real life relationship with Jesus and one another that Jesus talks about. With a core group of faithful Jesus followers we are attempting to be authentic to our beliefs.

I am the Chaplain to the World Longboard Tour. Which has me serving the surfing community in a way that encourages and connects peoples spiritual emotional and community needs. I marry, bury and hang out with the great tribe of pro longboard surfers. I recognise their value as individual people and unique creations of God aside from their surfing ability and regardless of their faith or affiliations.

I am a well published Surf Photographer and Writer with articles across multiple magazines and newspapers. I am also an international speaker and preacher, available for Christian conferences and motivational events. I have produced and directed a feature length motivational Surf documentary.

Surf Chaplaincy is completely funded by donation and whatever can be raised via photo / media sales…